Muslim Friends of Humber

During the Spring of 2012, the Organization for Islamic Learning embarked on a unique project that was both humanitarian and an inter-faith collaboration. O.I.L. was one of 11 organizations that participated as a group representing 10 Muslim organizations and one corporation with a pledge of raising $250,000 over five years for North America’s first fully digital hospital, the new Humber River Hospital.

The group came together for the first time as Muslim Friends of Humber. Through regular meetings and fundraising efforts within the respective community memberships, the group managed to raise the pledged amount within four years. With this generous gift, the Muslim Friends of Humber were accorded the Family Resource Area in the Cancer Portal of the new hospital.

God-willing, Muslim Friends of Humber will continue to serve as a catalyst for collaborations, demonstrating the vital opportunities towards civic engagements within Canada.

MOSAIC Interfaith

Over the last 6 years the Organization for Islamic Learning has been working on a unique event with MOSAIC Interfaith, an organization established in 1980 to foster interfaith dialogue among faith congregations.

What started off as a one-off event entitled “From Abraham: Three Faiths” exploring commonalities and differences among the Abrahamic Faiths, with Reverend Canon John Hill, Rabbi Michael Stroh and Dr. Liyakatali Takim, has led to a demand for an annual session with the three panelists, exploring different themes. These have included:

  • “Everybody wants to go to Heaven, Nobody wants to die”
  • “Can you be a Secular Jew/Christian/Muslim; The impact of the Secular on our Religious Traditions”
  • “Will our Children Live in a Polarized World of Religious and Secular Extremists or Know Peace in their Time?”
  • “Religion and Politics: Let’s Talk”