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SALAMUN ALAYKUM – May peace be upon you!

Islam, derived from the root S-L-M, which means primarily ‘Peace’ as ‘Surrender’, its full connotation is ‘The Peace’ that comes when one’s life is surrendered to God. The objective of The Organization for Islamic Learning is to prepare and help our audience towards a better understanding and appreciation of the value system as imagined by the Creator for Unity towards mankind.

Recently there has been a lot of misinformation about Islam, and as Muslims, we have the duty to provide the best and the most accurate information about Islam based on the Qur’an, lives of the God’s messengers including Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them) and his successors. The religion of Islam encourages us towards learning and fostering constructive discussion and keeping this in mind, the website will provide information for the following:

  • Understanding Islam.
  • Contemporary Issues in Islam.
  • Social and Political Ethics in Islam.
  • Introducing a “Suggested” Reading.
  • Articles on Variety of Topics dealing with Islam.
  • Multimedia Archives that contain various lectures on wide range of topics.

We hope you take advantage of the resources shared on Islamic Studies provided by scholars and researchers. The Organization deeply believes in using freedom of speech in a responsible and respectful manner. We encourage discussion on all content and issues regarding Islam. We support respectful dialogue among individuals by encouraging research about the great religion of Islam.